Tunneltek es proveedor exclusivo de Ginegar Plastic Products, líder mundial en desarrollo y producción de materiales de cubierta plástica para uso agrícola.


Tunneltek is an exclusive supplier of Ginegar Plastic Products, a global leader in development and production of plastic roofing materials for agricultural use. The Israeli company was a pioneer in applying extrusion technology in five layers. This technology allows to process the raw materials that guarantee the great mechanical strength of the cover film.

For example, the incorporation of EVA and metallocene adds important mechanical properties to films; such as strength, flexibility, and compatibility complying with all the standards and mechanical tests.


The light transmission of the film indicates the percentage of light that goes through from the outside to the inside of the greenhouse. Our films have the spectrum range PAIR (400 to 700 nm) that the plants need to assist in photosynthesis and other related morphogenetic processes.

All our plastic films have the property to select the usable spectrum of the plant "PAR" (Active Photosynthetic Radiation) and delimit the percentage of light desired to enter the crop. This property is commonly known as shade percentage.

It is the property of our plastics to fragment the direct light of the sun, in small rays, generating a cold and comfortable light for the plant. Preventing the rays from hitting the plant directly, generating stress or sunburn.

All our plastic films have the property of thermicity, which allows higher temperature storage at night and avoids a cold stress and even withstand. Leading to the prevention of frost and damage to the pants.


The Perla netting with GINEGAR diffusion, is a new generation of meshes as well as a protection system against hail. Providing us with a percentage of shade. The netting comes with the technology that plastic films have such us the diffusion of light. Allowing us to give a much better quality of light, being of direct benefit in the quality and quantity of the production.