Gracias a nuestra área de innovación desarrollamos 'TAUROTEK'.

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Speed ​​and efficiency in the stake´s installation

Intending to help producers install their high-tunnels faster, with less effort and protect them from millions of losses, we created Taurotek, a new tool to increase agricultural productivity based on innovation. The exclusive invention of TunnelTek, which received its patent registration in 2018, with folio MX / E / 2018/085025..

This machine will guarantee that your crops are more efficient, with higher profitability in your agricultural production. With it, you can focus your staff on what is truly important: production. Moreover, it helps to avoid distracting the attention of your workers in activities, such as falls or movements of stakes that cause rework.


Tracked system with a tread footprint equal to that of the human being: where a person enters walking, you can also pass the Taurotek machine.

Taurotek adapts to the furrow of the different types of crops, thanks to its shaft opening.

The piston can move in the three axes y, x, z. This action ensures the operator to be able to install the stakes perpendicular to the ground or vice versa (even if you are on a hill).

With its integrated LED light, you can operate Taurotek per day up to 24 hours.

Thanks to rotary hammer you can install stakes in a complicated ground, where not even a tractor or a driller could do it.

Being a hydraulic machine easier maintenance compared to electric devices or working with gasoline.

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Servicio de instalacion completo.


We know the high-tunnel installation is usually one of the most laborious tasks for our clients. Therefore, we offer the full high-tunel installation service, in order to help the farmer to focus on what they are best at: plant production.

La experiencia desarrollada en estos más de 20 años nos permite ofrecer a nuestros clientes este nuevo servicio de llave en mano.


The experience developed in these more than 20 years allows us offer our customers this new turnkey service. Implementing this, our customers focus on what they know best: produce higher quality fruits and we take care of the rest. We leave everything ready so our clients can start planting. Moreover, we offer financing plans if needed.

The turnkey project includes:

  • High-tunnel
  • Netting
  • Substratum
  • Irrigation system
  • Installation
  • Financing