El túnel tradicional diseñado por Tunneltek, es de las estructuras más utilizadas para los cultivos de fresa.


The traditional high-tunnel designed by Tunneltek is one of the most used structures for strawberry crops due to its simpler and affordable structure. Resists winds of 15 km / H and gusts of up to 20 km / H. The main areas where this type of high-tunnel is found are Zamora, Jacona, Tangancícuaro, Los Reyes, and some parts of Jalisco and Guanajuato.

El túnel híbrido de Tunneltek cuenta con una estructura sencilla que permite cubrir grandes superficies de cultivo.


Tunneltek hybrid high-tunnel’s simple structure can cover large crop areas increasing the resistance compared to the traditional high-tunnel. It is commonly used for the cultivation of raspberry and blackberry. Some producers use it for cranberry as well.

The main areas where this high-tunnel is located are Maravatío, Uruapan, Yurécuaro, Cd. Guzmán, Sayula, part of the north of Jalisco, and all the center and south of Guanajuato.

La versión reforzada del macrotúnel híbrido Tunneltek posee mayor estructura que permite resistir vientos de hasta 30 km/h.


The reinforced Tunneltek hybrid high-tunnel has a greater structure that can withstand winds of up to 30 km / h. Clients can lay plastic or any type of mesh, depending on the need of the producer.

This high-tunnel is used mainly for blueberry and vegetable crops, but some producers also use it for raspberries and blackberries.

The main areas where they find it are Maravatío, Uruapan, Yurecuaro, Cd. Guzmán, Sayula, part of the north of Jalisco, and all the center and south of Guanajuato.

Es un modelo especializado para los cultivos en sustrato, principalmente para arándano y hortalizas.


Bluetek is a specialized model for substrate crops, mainly for cranberry and vegetables. The bluetek’s arches diameters and sizes are greater than other models, which make it better equipped and reinforced in comparison to others. Moreover, its height allows to have an important air buffer to obtain greater freshness in the heat season and at night, it stores the same amount of heat, just as a traditional high-tunnel.


By creating a better atmosphere for the plant, it allows it to develop its genetic potential and creates a greater production and quality of its fruits.

It supports a wind speed of up to 60 km / hr and bursts of up to 65 km / hr. These parameters are based on the simulation of the software sap 2000 under the norm CFE-V; RCDF - NTC.

Made with materials of greater caliber and diameter, allowing to have a greater robustness.

Having a height on the top of 4.8mts and a width of 9m allows to mechanize agricultural work.

By supporting greater wind speed than a traditional high-tunnel, the risk of accidents decreases.